Speech To Book

Can keynote speeches or a sermon series be successfully crafted into book form? Ask us how.

Turn Your Speech or Sermon Into A Book

You encourage and motivate people with your words. You are a speaker who crafts your speech to inspire people to accomplish goals and dreams. Or you are a pastor who partners with God in choosing sermon topics for growth. How long afterward do your listeners recall your words? What if they had a book spelling out your thoughts or the critical message you are called to release? What if they could glean from deeper development of your insights as presented in a book?

What it means to be a post-pandemic speaker or pastor is still resolving. One thing is clear: a book increases your credibility and your reach. If the concept and writing are strong enough, your book sales may even develop into a residual income stream. The big gain is that you are getting your message out to a very large arena, much larger than simple speaking venues.

What Your Speech Lacks To Succeed As A Book

Speaking is to written communication what flying is to driving – two different mechanisms to accomplish the same thing. Transportation, from driving to flying, gets you to another location. Communication, whether spoken or written, is commonly intended for transfer of information. The end goals can be accomplished in various ways.

While the end goal is accomplished, the method for accomplishing it is different within the two disciplines. And the difference in methodology affects people in different ways. Two modalities, two methods, two outcomes.

It Takes More Than Transcribing To Make A Good Book

That verbatim transcript from your last webinar? You intuitively, and perhaps consciously, recognize that speaking is a different communication medium than writing. Our brains immediately make leaps of logic for missing information, update for corrected phrases, recognize speaking techniques or charisma intended to bypass rational thought, and compensate for filler (um, uh, “the thing is,” coughs or laughs).

Verbatim transcription is never easy to read and rarely compelling. The content was captured but is not presented in a way that invites ready reception and genuine consideration.

You carefully crafted your speech to motivate listeners in their callings. You may have a sermon series you believe is intended for a wider audience than your church body or web platform.

Spoken Word To Written Text: Wider Reach For Your Message

Here’s our process. We start with custom transcription of your talks. Using those we extract the essence of your message and evaluate it for production of a book. Then we have a conversation with you regarding your point, your audience, structure, and possible missing research or material. We write in partnership with the Holy Spirit and provide sample chapters and drafts. You provide feedback to help us retain your unique voice, to produce a professional book.

We custom craft a package for you, recognizing that needs differ by personality, platform, and purpose. This package is based on transcription results and conversations with you. You may have a modern parable you’ve crafted into a compelling hook but need compelling chapter transitions. Differing levels of editing needs also come into play.

We partner with other creatives who are passionate about bringing the Kingdom of Heaven to Earth. We’ll walk you through finding a book cover designer, illustrator, formatter, publisher, and marketing planner.

Speech or Sermon To Book Pricing​

Need a sample before you go any further? We’re happy to provide one. Please use the contact form to get started. We’ll provide a link to upload your media file.

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