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How exactly do you write a book anyway? I think I need a book coach.

Help With Writing A Book

You have a message to share in book form but you’re not sure how to write a book. Or you started but got stuck, maybe didn’t like what you wrote, didn’t see how it could ever become a book. Writing a book is a challenging and lengthy process. A book coach breaks down the process into manageable pieces.

Here a are a few of the things a book coach does:

  • Help refine your idea with discovery of the point of your book, identification of your audience, and the creation of a roadmap
  • Walk you through the logistics of designing a writing schedule, keeping deadlines, and developing the habits of a successful writer
  • Respect your vision and your voice while providing feedback on what works and what doesn’t
  • Meet regularly with you, determine the type of publishing you want, and help you finish your book.

Best Book Coaching

Project management may be the most valuable but unrecognized part of book coaching. This includes not only the logistical aspects of arranging deadlines but also responsive and actionable feedback to help you become a better writer. Acting as your support team, your book coach will provide encouragement for the big picture along with details for setting up your documents or techniques to deal with creativity blocks. We remind you to share your message in the way that best serves the reader, which often calls for vulnerability.

Your best book coach, between appointments with you, will be thinking of how best to serve you whether that’s practical, emotional, or spiritual. This is the part of book coaching we love most: how can we help you serve the readers you are called to. We pay close attention throughout the process with you.

Book Writing Coach

Guidance through the process is the essence of book coaching. However, there are things a book coach cannot do. We cannot write the book for you or revise the manuscript for you. We cannot guarantee your book will land you an agent or publisher nor that it will become a bestseller.

We can guarantee you will improve your craft, be much more likely to finish your book and move closer to becoming the writer you want to be. We will offer tips along the way about writing, like this one on writing every day from KM Weiland.

Book Coaching Services

The process will look something like this.

After you contact us, we’ll arrange a conversation to learn more about you and your project. Once both parties know we are a good fit for each other and a contract is signed, we’ll begin what is often a three-phase process. If you already have a partial or complete manuscript, we’ll work with you to make it your best.

The first phase helps you build a foundation before the chapter writing begins. In the same way home construction requires footers, walls made of studs, and roof trusses, we have to construct the bare bones of your book. This will set you up to successfully finish your book.

The second phase is fleshing out the outline you build in the first phase. For nonfiction, you will address a particular need of your reader and illustrate it with stories, often from your own life. Fiction also addresses a need but is crafted into a compelling story complete with a plot, character growth, and a satisfying conclusion.

The third phase deals with your publishing choices, including a proposal package if you seek traditional publishing or guidance about self-publishing.

Writing Coach Near Me

Book coaching is primarily done remotely, which can eliminate geographical challenges. We can meet via Zoom or in person when possible. Feel free to contact us.

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