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Your book is a major project.

We provide the help you need to finish.

Authors Who Serve Are Authors Who Write to Serve

You need to write a book. We know books. The end goal is to produce the book inside you that helps change the world.

This is what makes you an Author Who Serves. You are a thought leader and influencer who wants to create written content to bring positive change. Authors Who Serve write to serve.

It’s both exciting and confounding because how exactly do you write a book?

  • Is finding the time to write a book impossible?
  • Is your book the story of your “Business as Mission” agenda or a compelling memoir but you’re not sure how to write it?
  • Do you have powerful keynote speeches or a sermon series you’d like to see crafted into a book?

You can learn more in the brief overviews below or check the links for more detailed information.

Book Coaching

How many times have you heard, “You should write a book!” but you discovered writing a book is harder than you expected.

Remember the last time you tried to replace your own water heater? Me neither. That is not a learning curve I want to conquer.

But having help is a different situation. You can learn more about writing in many venues: writing conferences, local writing groups, online courses, and writing masters. However, a book writing coach comes alongside to flatten the learning curve for you with one-on-one help.


All written material needs to be edited. Have you written something, put it out there, and then discovered content you can’t believe got past you? You know what you meant to say but that’s not what readers see.

Smart writers get their own work edited before publishing. Written material always needs a different set of eyes on it. 

Professional editing brings your book to publishable quality.

Ghost Writing

Perhaps your call is to share a certain message in book form but you just don’t have time to write a book. Do you speak publicly and would love to have a book table featuring your book at each event? You want to hold your book but you can’t squeeze anything else into your schedule.

What if you had someone to craft your ideas into a book? We have a solution: Hire a ghost writer.

Speech To Book

Public speaking typically uses techniques that are not effective in books, such as big-idea focus which lacks detail.

Public speaking and books are separate communication media requiring two communication styles that rarely coincide. Jim Watkins uses humor to illustrate the differences between communicating on stage or on the page.

Learn more about turning your spoken word into the written word.

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